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The National Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Trade (ALGEX) aims to contribute, under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce, to the development of Algerian exports excluding hydrocarbons.


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Business France

Business France (formerly UBIFRANCE), the French Agency for International Business Development, is a public industrial and commercial establishment under the supervision of the Minister of the Economy and Finance, the Minister of Foreign Trade and the General Directorate of the Treasury . Business France’s mission is to support French companies in their export process, from orientation on foreign markets to the implementation of their projects in the field and the realization of business.

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CCIAF – Algerian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Created in 2011 by Algerian and French businessmen, it was officially approved by the Algerian authorities on February 21, 2011. The association aims to promote the development of relations between French and Algerian companies.

It works – within the framework of bilateral relations – to create links and to put in direct and permanent contact with entrepreneurs and economic operators, Algerian and French, coming from various activity sectors.

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CEIMI – Mitidja Entrepreneurs and Industrial Club

Founded in 1998, as a local association, CEIMI evolved towards the national in 2002.
The creation of CEIMI was made possible, thanks to the spirit of initiative, of a handful of economic operators in the Mitidja region, activating all in the different sectors of production and convinced that private enterprise has an important role to play in the creation of jobs and added value in Algeria, which, taking advantage of the opportunity offered by the evolution towards greater openness to the multifaceted associative initiative of Algerian laws governing the associative field, to early 90s founded”the Mitidja Entrepreneurs and Industrial Club”.

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FCE – Business Leaders Forum

The Forum of Business Managers (FCE) is an economic association created in October 2000 by a group of business leaders. The purpose of the FCE is to contribute to the establishment of entrepreneurship in the national economy and to promote the interests of Algerian business. In order to assert their point of view and make their voice heard on the national economic scene, through permanent dialogue with the economic authorities


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Filaha innove


Algerian Experts Seniors Organisation

Reflection group (GRFI) which organizes and animates Forums linked to strategic sectors for food security. It supports the policy of Renewal of the Agricultural and Rural Economy, and of the development of fishery resources. Partner of professional groups: National Chamber of Agriculture (CNA), Forum of business leaders (FCE), CEIMI, ALGEX, US-Algeria Business council (UABC) and Founder of the agency for the promotion of agricultural products (AVPA) . The GRFI organizes B to B meetings and business connections… and animates a FILAHA INNOV Incubator and organizes the competition for start-ups in the agricultural sector SIPSA INNOv AWARD.



Merkur International Fairs – Turkey

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SAFEX is a public company resulting from the transformation of the corporate object and the name of the National Office of Fairs and Exhibitions (ONAFEX), created in 1971. SAFEX operates in areas such as:
– Organization of national, international, local and regional fairs, specialized fairs and exhibitions.
– Organization of Algerian participation in fairs and exhibitions abroad.
– Assistance to economic operators in matters of international trade.

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Maghreb agriculture


















Agroligne is the leading Mediterranean network specializing in agrifood and agriculture. Its raison d’être is to put business relationships between North-South / South-South economic operators with a database of 15,000 companies listed on 32 sectors.

Agroligne magazine is the leader in the food and agriculture market.

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L’expression is an Algerian generalist daily newspaper in French.

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L’informatore Agrario

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La revue alimentaire animale

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Editions of the CHVC group dedicated to animal production and health, veterinary professionals and the agricultural sector & food.





Media Expert

Media Expert is a communications agency and publisher of a national bi-weekly newspaper specializing in the economic and advertising fields with free distribution.










Oxford Business Group

The Oxford Business Group (OBG) economic research firm is today one of the leaders in economic and financial information on emerging economies. With regional offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai, our teams are also present in 37 countries and territories in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
OBG opened its first African liaison office in 2001 as well as its office in Algeria in 2005 with the help and support of CACI.
Since its creation, OBG in privileged partnership with the CACI has been able to carry out studies whose content and updating are at the heart of the concerns of political decision-makers and members of the international business community.

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Poultry Middle East (MEAP)

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Qui fait quoi magazine

The magazine makes it possible to weave links between professionals whose objective is to make known the economic operators as well national as foreign, for a better knowledge of the Algerian market.

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